Victor Fota

Victor Fota’s works describe his inner reality through an eclectic approach. Through a mix of surrealistic styles, combining introspection, reason and a pinch of the subconscious, his works are a handful of maximalism. His images focus on the contemporary man and his inner struggles, his relationship with the technology around him and the effects within. His oil paintings are augmented through digital means, either pure raster editing or animation, to enhance its message and final aesthetics.

His approach is one of generating a different perspective. A visual narration of the artist’s inner feelings and thoughts about human nature and his connections with the environment. From an aesthetic point of view, his aim is to make the viewer wonder in the details and the clean execution of forms through oil paints.

Victor Fota has exhibited all over the world in

galleries like Jonathan LeVine - NY, Corey Helford - LA, Ryan Joseph - Denver, Hauch - Prague and Galateca - Bucharest. Some of his paintings were featured in international magazines such as WIRED, Vice, Hi-Fructose and Juxtapoz. Victor Fota is born and currently based in Bucharest, Romania.