Reza Hasni

Reza Hasni’s works are a contemporary reflection of our world and its unseen energies. Patterns of sacred geometry make up core compositions, along with a mashup of 90’s Internet pop, club culture and Asian spiritualism. His illustration and motion graphics practice feeds into collaborations in music, installations, augmented reality and fashion around Europe and Asia. These additional mediums add layers of interactivity to his work, allowing immersive experiences for audiences in the virtual and physical.


His main aim remains to spread positivity through imagery. Reza’s first solo exhibition, Mystic Island, launched at UltraSuperNew Singapore in 2017. In 2020, Reza with collaborators MAMA MAGNET and Screensavers launched ‘Centre for Altered Togetherness’ (, his second solo exhibition of multiple virtual realms for visitors to travel to. Reza is Singapore-born and currently based in Berlin.