Your ticket to another world

– Javier Arrés’ hypnotic escapism

In our current world, facing national lockdowns, constantly changing regulations and new mutations of coronavirus, many of us are left searching for an exit route. Javier Arrés’ hypnotic works provide the escapism we all so desperately crave.

Occupying a space between fantasy and reality, these intensely hypnotic spaces draw you in, encouraging you to entangle yourself in their fantastical worlds and get lost within the meanders. Their incomprehensibility adds to this; with no clear way to navigate the works, Arrés could be seen as a modern-day Escher, inviting you to leave behind your quotidian concerns as you pass into his carefully constructed land. His works, which he calls ‘Virtual Toys’, open a door to allow us to leave our society behind.

The winner of the 2019 London Art Biennale, Javier holds a degree in Graphic Design and Multimedia from the Escuela Arte Granada. He describes the key ingredient for his work as pure imagination; indeed, this is his starting point, which then evolves into frenzied sketching. Employing a range of mediums, the works are then transposed onto Photoshop and After Effects to create unique digital works, shared on major creative platforms.

The level of detail on Crypto Toy Coin is striking, emblematic of Arrés’ ‘hyperdetailism’ style. The rich detail is balanced by the never-ending motion of the conveyor belt, the dazzling lights and the flashing colours. The whirlwind of stimuli fights for our attention in this alternative universe, leaving the viewer unsure where to start. The work seems almost to depict an amusement park, with the snaking form of the helter-skelter and the rickety wooden rollercoaster. Our eyes follow the Bitcoin currency sign snaking through the structure, directing us to take in the totality of the sensory experience, attempting to absorb its entirety. As a pioneer of crypto art in Spain, the creation of Arrés’ personal imagined universe is blazing the way for the future of digital media, creating new opportunities for exploration. With the fun and playful appearance of this work, Arrés heralds an exciting future for the use of Bitcoin, highlighting its ease of use within the fast-paced online world.

Arrés gifts us a ticket to another world, his works an outstretched hand. As he says, ‘I’ve only created the trigger, the piece where you can project your imagination and let it fly’. What are you waiting for? Hop aboard as Arrés transports us to his own universe.

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