The heavenly sex demons of Patshuro

Untitled, Patshuro, 2019

When you observe Patshuro’s art the first thing that comes to mind is the fantastical perfection of his characters and exaggerated beauty. It is clear that this artist is fascinated by the beauty of the human body and explores it to the maximum. You can enjoy his play with angelic or demonic creatures and light being often used as an extra character with which his avatars actively interact. There seem to be a lot of religious themes mixed with sensual sexuality which can be seen as either obscene by those who it might find it offensive and enjoyable and fun to those who don’t. Either way, there is a lot to look at!

Avatar exclusively made for chimera, Patshuro, 2021

Patshuro Sama the artist whose works you will be able to admire today has recently joined the chimera team and as a result of that, he created an exclusive avatar for chimera only. Once our sales platform will be running wild and free you will be able to purchase his works with your crypto money. Until then we recommend following his growth on his social media as this very hard-working artist has a lot more to show under his sleeve.

Avatar exclusively made for chimera, Patshuro, 2021

Patshuro Sama is a Tunisian artist, currently based in France. He displays many talents in multiple areas. He’s currently in the second year of studying law, however, his background is as much artistic as it is academic. He began his art career under Patshuro nickname when he was only 16. Even though studying law has little to do with his passion for art, he says that it helped him a lot with establishing himself as an artist. It helped him to discipline himself, be consistent, and aware of the possibilities of art. When it comes to learning about 3d modelling, rendering and broadening his skills, he believes that Youtube and self-learning is the best way to do it. These days anyone can become an artist, it only requires passion, perseverance and internet access. Especially the digital art community seems to have this openness to learning from one another and sharing experience and support. Digital art is deeply embedded in the online world of social media, so the accessibility is all much greater.

Flowers gleam and glow change the fate's design, Patshuro Sama, 2019

His main motivation for beginning his career in digital art was creating something which he did not see in his surrounding. His first job as a stylist gave him the first insight into the more artistic side of the industry. He started working in Tunis and as much as it was a beautiful city he got sick of the white and blue of the local Arabic architecture. He was fascinated by western culture and he wanted to recreate it. Although he didn’t want to stop there, he wanted to push it to the extreme, to play with grotesque, Christianity, sexuality and glamour. Although his style came out mostly of experimentation, he gets inspired by other artists such as Proxima2000taur, with whom he has been collaborating before Ines Alpha or expo156. Often we can see his avatars being placed in the natural environment, which might be a result of his often trips to the countryside, south of France or revisiting Tunisia. He says that he gets lots of inspiration from small villages and nature. Revisiting old masters such as Diego Velazquez has been his main inspiration for creating his avatars. Specifically, the porcelain, perfect body of “Rokeby Venus”, 1651 by Velazquez has been impacting his female creations.

Alexa play religion by lana del rey, Patshuro Sama, 2020

Working long hours on shaping and perfecting his avatars faces results in creating an emotional bond with his works. Often he says that he sees them as his babies. His work style has been evolving a lot over the years. His creations became a lot smoother, with more sophisticated more gentle poses. These days he prefers to focus on one character, the “leading actor” of the story. He enjoys creating “ideal” bodies but taken to an extreme, excessively perfect them. He is also pursuing the embracement of his heritage trying to merge Western culture with Eastern themes placing his characters in deserts, oasis etc. He plays around the idea, that Paris Hilton could have also been a Maroccan or Tunisian?

Saint Sebastien, Patshuro Sama, 2018

When asked about his political views and potential exploration of political/social issues he said that he tries to stay away from getting engaged. In his opinion, there are already a lot of people doing that with sometimes good and sometimes not so positive outcome. There are a lot of people acting like social activist and they very loudly try to use the current crisis to their advantage which doesn’t feel very constructive. He’s aware of many situations that should be addressed but he prefers to keep his distance as he doesn’t feel qualified to get involved and be just another screaming voice. He feels that using the political situation and the suffering of other people to sell his art would be unethical. During the BLM movement last summer many people got involved although it was more from a need of being a part of something important even though they did very little to help. Many people were posting about BLM on Instagram out of a need to create an image about themselves not to support the cause. Patshuro tries to distance himself from this kind of activism so like he said people can interpret his works in many ways but political statements definitely would not be something he intended on doing. When he creates avatars who represent minorities for example black people, he does it out of his appreciation of their beauty not because of the current trends, which are fetishising minorities a lot.

Cupid and the world, 2020

His favourite book is Thus Spoke Zarathustra: A Book for All and None by Friedrich Nietzsche, which might also explain his pursuit of perfection. As the main character was supposed to be the archetype of an ideal man. His works are products of his passion. He focuses on the fun of creation not necessarily chasing appraisals or even making money off it. It’s purely art for the purpose of creating art.

When asked how to describe his works with one word he answered - Camp!

If you’re enjoying Patshuro’s art, consider supporting him by donating money on his Go fund me page so that he could buy new work materials and create more of his beautifully angelic avatars.