The Squishy World Of Piano and the Fox

Doom Scrolling, Piano and the Fox, 2021

The breadth of Piano and the Fox’s work is incredibly wide, straddling both commercial and personal works, and encompassing a huge range of subject matter. Underpinning all the work is a common sense of playfulness and animation, infusing the digital images with a lightness. It is almost impossible to browse the moving images without smiling! It was a huge pleasure to find out more about Bella’s inspiration, working practices and to share in her enthusiasm for Piano and the Fox’s work.

Where is your studio based? How do your surroundings influence your work? I live in South London. We have a small room in our house that we converted to a studio. Nowadays I work from there I used to work as an in-house freelancer in central London with various studios for commercial projects.

How would you sum up your work in just three words? Playful, creative and always well polished.

Economics 101: Get Rich Quick, Piano and the Fox, 2021

How did you find your way into the digital motion design world? What is your background? I studied industrial product design so I got my foundational 3d and design skills in college. At the end of the term, we used to present our work to a jury and that presentations required lots of graphics design and animation. Later on, I realised that I like creating 3d moving images more than designing products. Then I decided to pursue the medium.

What is your favourite artistic technique? Motion design is a combination of various disciplines, I like to work with soft bodies is a kind of technique that apply real-life behaviours of soft objects to any 3d geometries, you can get satisfying - surreal results with it. In terms of animation, I love hypnotic loops and always try to loop my pieces. Sometimes it is hard to achieve the loop but it is really rewarding.

What do you draw inspiration from? In terms of design; I always look out for minimal interior design projects with surreal colour schemes. I love anything related to architecture, industrial design and graphic design. When It comes to character design, I am a cat lover, I research and observe different cat breeds, find funny looking ones and recreate them in my style.

A Very Radical Factory - 3, Piano and the Fox, 2021

Who is your biggest artistic inspiration? I am a huge fan of the Untitled Army and Studio Forreal. Their work is very interesting and extremely well-executed.

What are you working on right now? I am working on the third and final piece of the ongoing " A Very radical factory " series. I always wanted to create something long-form rather than short-easy to consume animations. I created this racoon-dog character start of this year. Initially, this design was planned as a cat but it ends up a racoon-dog but no one knows this right :) Then I started to think about what would be its universe and came with this strange factory idea. It is a factory that manufactures plush toys weirdly and playfully.

How has the pandemic impacted your working practices? Has it made it harder to find inspiration? Like many, the pandemic had a major impact on my working practices. I used to work as an in house freelancer with various studios in central London on a project basis. Somehow they always prefer their people to be in-house. I have a dedicated room to work in our house at the moment, so with the pandemic, I started to spend much more time there. Also, I changed my approach to commercial projects a bit. I am not taking all projects now.

Jump In, Jump Out, Piano and the Fox, 2021

What do you think the future of digital art holds for us? We are living in extraordinary times and a pandemic already shakes things dramatically. With the rising of NFT, I am sure nothing will be the same for the art market and things will change a lot. I hope in close future digital art will get the attention it always deserved.

What are you most excited about in 2021? Like everyone, I am super excited to see the end of this pandemic and go back to normal. Also, I am very excited about the crypto art community. It will be an amazing year for all artists

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