Beyond the surreal

Marc Tudisco and modern brand identity

Hailing from Hamburg, Marc Tudisco has been crafting digital art alongside his brother Antoni for years. Amassing 277k Instagram followers for his bizarre, surreal and unexplainable animations, his work is instantly recognisable, often featuring objects metamorphosing into miniature people; it's hard to forget a man-made of salmon doing press-ups on sushi rolls.

His work is ideal for going viral: short, absurdist animation with simple design ensures all focus is directed towards the focal point of the character. Backdrops are often plain, with his character taking centre stage. The characters, situation and animation are often so absurd that removing unnecessary backdrop further highlights hilarity. - an online gallery space for digital artists - reports that Tudisco views his work as an extension of the childlike imagination: “I didn’t really listen to the teacher, just drew and scribbled. That characteristic of mine developed into being creative today.”

His portfolio extends beyond Instagram clout - brands such as Nike, Converse and Depop have collaborated with him, with the results being just as surreal as his solo work. Part of his aesthetic is playing with brand identities, reforming the brand into his frame of artistic reference and unique, out of this world style. The result is an elegant and refined portrayal of brand identity that works to draw audiences in further. The wide appeal, eye-catching designs and memorable concepts make him ideal in advertising.

In the last year, his iconic style has somewhat shifted, creating eerie shrouded figures in fantastical urban environments. Phantom (2020) features a lifelike metallic ghost walking in a pastel extraterrestrial planet before shedding its outer skin to reveal a stark white ghost. This shift from the hilariously absurd towards the subtle and eerie with lush meta