The ability to create a whole new world and manipulate it in whatever way my imagination sees fit is what has drawn me to 3D and digital work because I can create the world while sitting behind a screen, but this screen, to me, also serves as a window to the mind. Everything in my world is to serve my art and to fuel my creativity or else it’s out and has no place in my heart. 

I use art as a tool in every aspect imaginable in my world. Without it, I couldn't get away from the hostile life in Palestine, with having only ten euros in my pocket to live on, or from the mental anguish of being an asylum seeker in Europe. I used it to buy food, to find a place to sleep, and as an asylum for my battered soul and mind. My artwork literally saved my life many times over. 

My work is very personal. It’s very hard to let go and show it to the public. It could be about something as simple as how an apple tastes, or how I feel during a panic attack. It’s how I see the world and how I express myself to people. I can talk through art much better than using words. When you see my art, the question in my mind is, can you hear me??!! Do you understand me? Am I loud enough? I'm giving you a chance to peek through a window into my heart and into my soul. Can you see it? 

I enjoyed creating and working in the past with different artists, such as Rihanna, Pat McGrath, Jónsi, and TRZTN. It gave me the opportunity to push myself and show different sides of my work.

In a nutshell, art is my life, and life is my art.