Nina Doll

Nina Doll is a digital fashion designer and CGI artist based in Berlin, Germany. After doing her Bachelor in fashion design in Munich she is currently finishing her Master degree in Berlin. The title of the MA collection is ‘Paradox Emotion’, it is exploring how our digital identities interact with the way we feel and express emotion.

The main focus of her work is exploring how to combine fashion craftmanship with the new possibilities digital fashion is offering and experimenting with garments & techniques that would not be possible in real life. Furthermore, she is playing with organic and abstract shapes to either turn them into artwork themselves or to use them as elements within her fashion pieces.

Another field where Nina is interested in is blurring the boundaries of what is virtual and real, especially when it comes to mixing real images with CGI elements.

Parts of her work has been showcased at Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, BRICKS Magazine and Vogue Portugal