Marina Victoria Pascual

My name is Marina Victoria and I am a NYC-born and Madrid-raised digital artist. I was fortunate as a young child to be surrounded by visual and performing arts, having a very rich experience specifically with dance. Later on, going into university, I majored in Interactive Media Arts, where I firstly found my passion for creative coding and audiovisual performances. I am now a full-time artist based in Shanghai, currently doing a fellowship at NYU, and focusing much of my work on 3D graphics and animations.

My artworks are inspired by altered states of consciousness, human connections and the visual stimuli of the world, as a way to sync with my innerself, and in the process of doing so, hoping to help others reconnect as well. Often times, the 3D bodies in my artworks are an extension of myself. I use these virtual bodies to materialize and give form to emotions and experiences that I need to let go of.

Some of my performances and exhibitions have been in the Power Station of Art (Shanghai), in the Museum of Contemporary Art & Planning Exhibition (Shenzhen), and the NY Media Center (New York).