Laury Guintrand

Laury Guintrand is known as "Noctem_lg" is a 3D concept artist.


Coming from a visual effects background she had the pleasure and chance to work in both the movie and advertising industry with clients such as Disney, Marvel, Gucci and Nike to name just a few. 


Laury's works are characterized by an incessant rhythm of curves, spirals and sinuous shapes that at the same time present a vision of the power and fragility of life.


A strong duality that is immediately recognizable in the homogeneity of her works, identified by the perennial clash between life and death and their being indissoluble parts of being, as necessary to each other as day and night (noctem). The viewer witnesses the celebration of being in its organic nature and its delicacy and transience, the representation of death is made clear, almost inevitable in all of her works.