Joshua Chaplin

Joshua Chaplin was born in Nottingham but currently based in London. He is a virtual reality designer and multidisciplinary digital artist who, through experimenting with the digital medium, attempts to gain greater access to ways of understanding modernity and contemporary ideas and techniques. In his work an examination of the relationship between these technologies and the natural environment is clear. The complexities that fuel the way these two opposing forces interact create a great dynamic force throughout his digital compositions. He positions nature and the digital on an axis through which we are able to bear witness to the ways in which they correspond and compliment each other but also the points where they exist at the most extreme contrast.

An Intangible World

A short installation works exploring time, presence, and passivity.

Mountain Landscapes (2020)

Real-time sculpture series showcasing some of Earths most awe-inspiring environments. Made using datasets derived from USGS NED 10M, ASTER 30M and the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission. Each segment is 30km in size and contains millions of surface particles to capture shape. Rendered and visualised in Unreal Engine.

Notable landmarks include: Mont Blanc FR, Mount Cook NZ, Mt Fuji Japan, Yosemite Valley USA and Fitz Roy Patagonia.

139 years

139 years uses NASA global temperature data recorded from 1880 - 2019. The data drives the morphing and expansion of the system, highlighting the creeping crisis for the world's ecology.

It is entirely procedural, giving the piece an infinite variety of forms and expressions.

Other works