Jay Toor

Jay Toor is a Vancouver based, Indo-Canadian multi-disciplinary artist focusing on digital visual arts.

He likes to define himself as "an instrument of entropy attempting articulation of the unknown."

"In my work and life, I constantly seek active engagement with what I do not understand. My curiosity compels me to create. My work ranges and fluxes between contemporary surreal and abstract-figurative. My art is the result of me trying to make sense of the world around me. I am almost always trying to abstract the essence of something, some idea, memory, emotion or impulse in order to gain a better understanding of it or to just share it with others. Through my work, I hope my audience can see my curiosity and fascination with what makes us who we are.

I take inspiration from neo-classical, expressionist and surrealist masters and try to express my appreciation of nature and the anxieties about human nature in my digital art. My work is almost entirely digital apart from the rough sketches I hastily sketch on paper whenever inspiration strikes. "


One could say that he is trying to see the bigger picture from his own perspective. He creates artworks which act like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. Like a child excited to see the whole picture, he wants to fit more of these pieces and so he creates. Jay Toor's work is exploratory in nature.