Jascha Süss

Jascha Süss (1996) is a Digital Artist with focus on immersive experiences from Austria. He studied media technology at the University of Applied Sciences in St. Pölten with the specialization experimental media. Over the past years he was working mainly in the fields of Experiential Design and Live Visuals. He has created Visuals for large Festivals and cultural Events across Austria and Europe.

In 2017 together with Yunus Sezer he founded formlos www.formlos.at, a creative studio specialized on production and research in the fields of new media technology. There they have worked for clients such as Balenziaga or Jason Derulo.

Artistically, he works across different fields and uses various tools in order to create captivating immersive pieces. A believe of him is that something new cannot always be imagined, rather it has to be discovered. It is much about how the tools shape the creative process and vice versa. A focus for him lies on process based, generative art. His style changes through the explorations of different media, although what is constant ist the very minimalistic and reduced visual language. Since 2020 Jascha Suess is active in the NFT space, selling digital artworks as unique tokens on the art market place SuperRare. He has been featured in Metro Magazine https://metro.co.uk/2021/03/13/its-absolute-chaos-inside-the-wild-multi-million-pound-nft-world-14230009/ and in Hybrid, Austrias largest physical NFT exhibition. https://arteq.io/auction/hybrid/