Jan Porczynskie

Before fully embarking on studying graphic design, Jan was briefly an architecture student, a journey which, as he says, did not last long, one school semester. Even though his current works perhaps could not be further from the visual associations of ‘architectural drawing’, he describes the challenging application process and preparation as ultimately useful and impactful on his later stylistic developments. An interest in architecture stimulated his early interest in art and, to my surprise, Jan names Edward Hooper as one of the earliest and most important sources of inspiration.

On theother hand, this choice appears as complementary to the interest in architecture but exposes the mysterious dimension of it, ultimately also highlighting the human presence as a vital component of Hopper’s dim architectural spaces. Jan’s current works reflect on Hopper in surprising ways – the intense and contrasting colour palette appears to be a distant echo of Hopper’s darker colour palette, in which every lighter tone is immediately eye-catching.