Henry C. M.

Growing up in post-Apartheid (born 1997) as a mixed person, Henry CM developed a stoic mindset that helped him throughout his childhood, youth, and adulthood. Henry is a mixed artist who focuses on developing answers and more questions about the challenges and purpose of his life journey through his sculptures. His work consists of a void and power. His sculptures undergo a manipulation of figurative aspects of the human body through a lens, which is a blend of uniquely stoic, contemporary, sub-Saharan and North American perspectives. Henry is an experimental artist who  constantly switches between mediums, as he believes one material is not ideal to the countless unknowns concerning his philosophical self.


Due to the philosophical structure of the works, his creations create a conversation with questions. In other words, HenryCM’s work provides a statement and an open-ended question that requires the viewer to dive into their personal outlook of life. Henry has undergone over 10 years of rigorous training in African and Western artistic institutions. His first major appearance was at the Porsche Macan Debut in 2019 at age 21. Henry CM is based in Toronto, Canada.