Dexamol is the moniker for Tel-Aviv based artist Dekel Oved. His imagery conjures a not-too-distant future in which science has gained mastery over synthetic genetics.Tiny self-replicating masterpieces abound, restructuring a deteriorating environment due to natural / man made disasters. Producing short animations and digital images, Dexamol’s art bypasses engendered dichotomies such as natural <-> artificial & finds big beauty in the realm of the small.


Intricate plants and insect-life ask us to put aside our knowledge of what exists, and rekindles within us a sense of mystery and childlike awe found in discovering new subjects for the first time.


His work was most recently shown in 'Lost and Not Found' at Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam, a charity exhibition in support of Rainforest Trust. He has worked as a designer with University of Tokyo researchers as an artist for real life biological conservation projects that would sound scifi to many.