Dani Macovei

Dani Macovei is a Romanian born, London-based visual artist specialised in 3D digital art. With a background in painting and a BA in Fine Art from UAL Central Saint Martins, he developed his eclectic visual identity by combining various styles and stages he went through while experimenting with painting, sculpture and mixed media over the course of 20 years. Combining abstract shapes with alluring textures and graphic elements, his surreal computer-generated compositions create a bridge between mediums, blending the visual and the tactile to create dynamic, poignant new worlds. 

Throughout the years his work has been exhibited at Schleifmuhlgasse in Vienna and Atelier 35, If Gallery and Ota Gallery in Bucharest, to name a few. His art can currently be found in several private collections throughout Europe. He currently runs Posthuman, his own creative studio specialised in high-end motion design.