DeBora sIlva

Débora Silva is a Portuguese born-and-bred freelance visual artist, currently living in London. Silva studied sculpture at Fine Arts - University of Lisbon and graduated with a bachelor's degree. In 2018 she moved to London and has been living there since, developing her style to what is now wholly recognisable as her own.

Although Silva specialises in digital art, her work is inspired by the traditional processes of sculpture and primarily revolves around an embodiment of a creature she calls Venus. Venus is an ethereal being; an unknown femme entity, unconventional and powerful, forming a three-dimensional dissident often taking on different forms. Venus creates a narrative that unfolds with its circumstances. By registering “the singular”, Venus represents a collective identity which is returned to reality by the new media, further acquiring new meanings as it passes through time alongside society.

Silva’s creative process in the virtual space frees her subjects from physical matter, becoming an exercise untethered in the exploration of form. The representation of reality within Silva’s virtual world makes it complicit and critical of contemporary society.