The artistic identity of Michał Mierzejewski is an eclectic bundle of graphic designs, animations and 3D-rendered images. In all of those media, Mierzejewski is equally untamed and ready to push the boundaries of creativity in all possible directions, leading to weird and surprising constellations of images. The artist attended the Polish-Japanese University of Computer Technology, which is a renewed school for computer-based graphic design, where pursued an MA in Visual Communication.


Having a cemented artistic education was useful for having a project-management background and a lot of soft skills necessary for navigating the art world and stimulating one’s own creativity through approaching problems in unusual ways.

Yet, Mierzejewski believes that art education is by no means necessary for pursuing an artistic career and a lot of one’s artistic path depends on the individual, meticulous exploration of the themes of interest, rather than hoping for an art academy to instil those ideas in you.