Axelle is obsessed with collages, she sees it as a very attractive way of creating “new worlds”.

Her goal is to create atmospheres and spaces where we would love to find ourselves. A place where you would love to wake up and just BE there. As the protagonists are always female characters, there’s a sense of “peace” in the works she creates. This is mostly because she strongly believes that the world would have been so much more light and colourful if women would have ruled throughout history. She believes that It’s the man’s ego that shaped history as we know it today. One could say that her work is an “ode(dedication)” to this idea of feminine rulers and “what could have been”. 


She assembles characters from delicate arts such as Art-Nouveau, Deco.

She's also intrigued by the female characters within Fantasy Art.  She enjoys their bulky, muscled, voluptuous shapes.