Anthony Sims

Not sure about myself, I am certain" is a painting and NFT by Anthony Sims that sold within an hour after it was listed on SuperRare for $99,973 on May 18th, 2021.

Anthony is a 22 year old artist that emerged in Memphis, Tennessee, with his first show at the Brooks Museum of Art in 2017. During the summer of 2019, Sims had several complications and he left Memphis and drove to New York City where he met Diana Vachier. After leaving New York in July, Anthony moved to Dallas, Texas. In October, Diana inducted Anthony Sims into the American Pop Art collective created by herself and the late Steve Kaufman. In March of 2020, Kate Cherry the executive director of the Meridian Museum of Art accepted two pieces of Anthony's artwork into the Meridian Museum of Art's permanent collection making Anthony one of the youngest artists to ever be accepted into a museum's permanent collection. Sims met with Kate Cherry in June of 2020, to donate the works to the museum. Anthony Sims left Steve Kaufman's American Pop Art collective at the end of 2020 and began creating NFTs at the beginning of 2021.