Amin Farah is a 3D artist and Art-director suspended in the constant research of a unique expressive figure/signature. Human body, esoteric symbolizations, material experiments bounce between his works in an apparently random way.

The creative process - of which he feels like a participant, not an author, close to the 3D medium - takes the shape of a digital reaction, during which the anthropological element and technological one react like chemicals.


The final products, the works shown here, are one by one necessary outcomes of the experimentation undertaken.

Each of them just represents the last step of the experimentation that the artist entirely leads, thanks to the technical knowledge and the deep confidence with the 3d tool.


In this journey, the fashion element is the favorite place where the dialogue between nature and technology is explored: there, where the texture of the skin flakes off like threads of a fabric, there, where the compactness / consistency of the body opens to the void of the algorithm, here is the manifesto of his artistic research.